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About Us


Years ago, PetGearFashion was started as a family business. Driving force behind the start of this business was the love of a mother.
From a mom whose eyes always shone and glittered whenever she used to see her daughters dressing up their dogs.
This love for dogs has always been there in our family.
Therefore, our affection and craze for dogs turned into an earning source for us.
Obviously there could be nothing better than occupation based on passion.




It is our mission to make your pet stylish, elegant or as casual as we create ourselves to be. We believe your pet is an extension of you!






Love for dogs is in our blood. We view pets as members of any family thus we strive to fulfill their needs.






Whether it’s that extra-special outfit for a dressy occasion, or an every-day collar showcasing your pet’s unique personality, PetGear Fashion has it.